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Fast Fiction Challenge: Animal Anarchy, Oh My - budgie's squawks
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Fast Fiction Challenge: Animal Anarchy, Oh My
Title: Animal Anarchy, Oh My
Word: tryptophan
Challenger: Scott Dunbier
Length: 200 words exactly
It was, I suppose, inevitable that we'd sacrificed Professor Armstrong to the mob. They'd said that they would leave the rest of us alone and that they'd let us leave the facility alive.

And we, poor fools, were naive enough to believe them.

As they tore him limb from limb, their howls of joy ringing in the air, we should have known that they'd never be satisfied with only him.

The ostensibly exploratory procedures had worked only too well, and although it was Armstrong who'd designed the experiments, we'd all participated.

We'd used a genetically engineered form of tryptophan to try and reduce aggression in dogs; it hadn't even occurred to us that doing so in large enough doses would stimulate their brains.

But inside two weeks, they'd been communicating in a rudimentary fashion; inside three, they'd been reading Dumas.

We'd been ecstatic... until they'd escaped and tracked us down like animals.

The cell door opened and the guard padded towards us, towards me.

"Come, Doctor, your trial awaits," he growled, fitting a lead around my neck.

I remained calm as I was dragged to the 'court'.

It was only when I saw the gallows that I started to scream.

© Lee Barnett, 2005


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tulip_maria From: tulip_maria Date: November 1st, 2005 08:43 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh my!
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