Lee "Budgie" Barnett (budgie_uk) wrote,
Lee "Budgie" Barnett

Well, that's flattering... I think.

Looks like a Spanish comics festival did their own version of Hypotheticals a couple of weeks ago...
Desde el año 2000, Dave Gibbons y Lee "Budgie" Barnett se han ocupado de presentar esta charla de forma annual en el festival de cómics de Bristol (el más grande en el Reino Unido). No se trata de otra cosa que un simple juego de rol al que son sometidos profesionales del cómic para poder discutir la actualidad del mundillo sin pensar en las consecuencias. Y es que todo lo que se trata en la mesa es "hipotético", vamos... que no es real. Como dirían Martes y 13, es "un suponiéndonos".

Este año, hemos decidido adoptar este formato para presentar nuestro ya habitual debate sobre el estado del cómic. Nuestros invitados tendrán que contestar honestamente y sin tapujos a las situaciones que el moderador les presentará. Desde el momento en que comience la charla nos habremos transportado a otro mundo paralelo, muy similar al nuestro, pero no del todo, y los invitados tomarán las personalidades correspondientes a esa nueva dimensión. Esperamos recibir respuestas sorprendentes que en otras circunstancias no podríamos conseguir de nuestros invitados.
A babelfish translation, amended for clarity, which gives the gist, would be:
Since 2000, Dave Gibbons and Lee "Budgie" Barnett have presented this panel at the annual comics festival in Bristol (greatest in the United Kingdom). This is unlike anything else, a simple roll playing game in which they put scenarios to comics professionals so that they can discuss the present state of the comics world without dealing with the consequences. And everything that happens is "hypothetical", that is - not real.

This year, we have decided to adopt this format to present our habitual debate on the state of comics. Our guests will have to answer honestly the situations that the moderator will present to them. From the moment at which he begins chairing it, we will have transported to another parallel world, very similar to ours, but not absolutely, and the guests will take the personalities corresponding to that new dimension. We hope to receive surprising answers that in other circumstances we could not obtain from our guests.
Hmm... I'm not entirely certain that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

Although I've never pretended that I created the idea of hypothetical scenarios being put to professionals in a field, I was the person who first came up with the idea of doing it with comics professionals and at a comics convention/festival. And certainly, transporting everyone to Earth Dave was my own addition.

Dave and I just think that it have been nice to have been asked and to let us know in advance is all.

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